Which Ministry hosts MEDIA Desk Malta?

MEDIA Desk Malta is hosted by the Cultue and Audiovisual Unit within the Parliamentary Secretariet for Tourism, the Environement and Culture - Office of the Prime Minister.

Which other institutions in Malta are active in the film and audiovisual industry?

Malta Film Commission

Broadcasting Authority

Public Broadcasting Services

Malta Communications Authority

What incentives and funds for film are available in Malta?

On the 8th August 2008 the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport launched the first Film Fund Support Scheme to help audiovisual companies in the production and development of short films and documentaries. The Government allocated Euro 223,000 and this year 3 documentaries and 1 short film have benefited from the fund. The creation of the Film Fund in Malta is essential for the development of the Maltese industry and will help local companies to build a track record so that they can have a better chance to access fund from the MEDIA programme.

Malta offers competitive financial incentives for the Audiovisual Industry. Qualifying productions will benefit from incentives in the form of a cash grant. On completion of filming a cash rebate of up to 22% of the eligible expenditure can be obtained.

For more detailed information about tax credits and cash rebates contact the Malta Film Commission.

What is the population in Malta?

The total population of the Maltese Islands is 410,000

How many cinemas/screens are there in  Malta?

www.embassycomplex.com.mt (6 screens)

www.citadelcinema.com (2 screens)

www.edencinemas.com.mt (17 screens)

www.empirecinema.com.mt (7 screens)

www.tal-lira.com (4 screens)

www.sjcav.org (1 screen)